One way to maximize your enjoyment of winemaking, mead making, cider making, and homebrewing is to share the fun with others.  Fortunately, we have several organizations locally devoted to this very notion.  DeFalco's has been very supportive over the years of our local homebrewing and winemaking clubs.  We were integral in the formation of both the Foam Rangers Homebrew Club in 1981 and The Houston Home Vintners in 2008.  We provide meeting space for both of these clubs on a regular basis.  Our Clear Lake shop provides meeting space for both the Space City Spargers and the Bay Area Mashtronauts.  Furthermore, dues paid members of any of the clubs listed below receive a 5% discount at DeFalco's.  Get together with like-minded people and share knowledge and enjoyment.  Join a club and join the fun!

Local Homebrewing Clubs:
Foam Rangers (Home! - Central Houston)
Space City Spargers (Clear Lake)
Kuykendahl Gran Brewers (KGB) (F.M. 1960)
Bay Area Mashtronauts (Clear Lake City)
Brew Bayou Homebrew Club (Freeport/Lake Jackson)
Cane Island Alers Club (Katy)
Sugar Land Imperialists (Sugar Land/Richmond/Rosenberg)

Local Winemaking Club:
Houston Home Vintners (a.k.a. Gulf Coast Amateur Winemakers)

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