Immersion Wort Chiller/Pre-Chiller Combo

The best solution for those hot summer brewing days! You get a 25' coil with a garden hose fitting to chill the tap water & a 50' coil of 3/8" copper tubing for the wort for chilling 5 - 6 gallons wort.
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Immersion chilling is by far the easiest and most common method to chill the wort after boiling.  This combination is the best solution for those hot summer brewing days! You get a 25' coil fitted with a garden hose female fitting to chill the incoming tap water down to the 60° - 70°'s & a 50' coil of 3/8" copper tubing to immerse in the wort for the main chilling.  Simply drop the main chiller into the wort during the last 10 minutes of the boil.  This will sanitize the coil.  Once the boil has completed, simply turn on your not-so-cold tap water, which will be then be chilled in an ice bath (your pre-chiller) and then on to the main chiller where you will be able to drop the wort temperature from 212° to the the 60° - 70°'s. We recommend you stir both the ice bath in the pre-chiller and the wort to facilitate chilling.  Our primary chiller is 50' long, especially designed for use here on the Gulf Coast where the tap water tends to be very warm much of the year.

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Kehn Bacon Mail Order Manager Kehn spent 30 years teaching high school history before finally hanging up his lecture notes. He began homebrewing in 1993 and joined the Foam Rangers Homebrew Club shortly thereafter. He entered the ranks of the DeFalkoids in 2009. Now he reigns over the vast Mail Order Kingdom. Ask him to show you his Foam Ranger tattoo!


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