The pre-assembled beer kits they have made my life much easier. No matter what type of beer you want to make they can box it up for you in minutes if it's not already on the shelf!
Date of Posting: 23 July 2016
Posted By: David T.
Love this store! I'm usually there once a week. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgable about the wines, beers and other home brewing.
Date of Posting: 26 June 2016
Posted By: Mary C.
Scott Birdwell has operated the best homebrew and winemaking shop in Houston for close to 30 years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They have the best ingredients and supplies in the city. Rarely have I gone and they were out of something.

They have gotten even better in the last year with a second location in Clear Lake. Andy and the crew are first rate. Finally a homebrew shop in the Bay Area.
Date of Posting: 10 February 2016
Posted By: M.W
League City, TX
I am sure there are folks who would disagree, but this seems to be the best brewing supply store in Houston. From inventory to knowledge of staff, they have what I need.

If you have question during brewing, they will walk you through your problem over the phone. I have never felt like they try to up-sell me as I am usually up-selling myself.

While I have been brewing for 15 years, I am still fairly partial to the kits, which almost always turn out really well. I will often just slightly very the recipe if I am going for something particular and they can help with that also.

Best of all. They serve beer while you browse. I can tell you I wouldn't mind shopping with the wife if the store served beer while I waited.
Date of Posting: 19 September 2015
Posted By: Mark B.
I come here for all of my homebrewing needs. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Date of Posting: 05 March 2015
Posted By: Alex B.
I'm a home brewer whom has done (27) 5 gallon batches of beer over the last few years. Am completing a hobby tour of every home brew supply store in South and Central Texas this year, including San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. While all share similar inventories and layouts such as Austin Home Brew, Home Brew Party in San Antonio, Wine Makers Toy Store & Dallas Home Brew which I visited yesterday, I'd have to say that DeFalco's is most certainly one of the very best.

Typical of all mentioned they do have a great selection of grains that they will mill on demand, liquid and dry yeasts of every type, but over and above the call of duty they have top shelf dry yeast, in particular Mangrove Jack's (made in the UK) from New Zealand. Half sold out of course as home brewers are learning about that new one and how robust it is.

Very happy with the cost of my purchase of their in house kit, cleaners that beat mail order prices and the service was superb. Top notch help.

See, my wife more so than I is getting interested in making wine at home. We have never done it but now it looks like we will be. The gentleman that helped us listened to me describe all of the equipment I already use such as stainless fermentation vessels, types of end result wine desired, oaking. Actually he taught us a lot. Showed us what we needed and was just an honest professional whom is a wine maker himself.

After the experience as DeFalco's today, knowing home brew pretty decent and finding a full supply of everything here including their own line of beer kits for great prices in brown boxes with no shipping or tax (they are food), yeah I'll be back.

Next time when travelling an hour and a half on a weekend to shop at the new Post Oak Village Foods, I do believe we will pick up what we need to make our first batch of wine.

DeFalco's and their customer service ROCK!
Date of Posting: 30 November 2014
Posted By: Greg D.
I come here often for equipment and ingredients because they always have a highly knowledgeable staff available to assist. I've had them build a 4-way gas manifold with tubing and disconnects, replace regulator gauges, refill CO2 tanks, etc. Large selection of bulk fermentables in a self serve grain room and they stock most of the commonly used hops and yeast. I was pleasantly surprised when they recently told me they had 4 varieties of frozen wet hops sealed in vacuum bags.

Support your local brewery and support your local home brew shop!
Date of Posting: 21 October 2014
Posted By: Dave S.
In short, I use them because they are my only realistic option, but it could definitely be worse

Friendly staff for the most part, and decent selection. I use them for ingredients and occasional quick fixes, but get most of my equipment online where it's a lot cheaper. So far they have had everything (in terms of ingredients) I have shown up in search of, or at least a substitute similar enough I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The only exception being peated malt. They do, however have peat-smoked malt which I used instead (2oz in 5 gallons) and the beer turned out amazing, so I can't even be upset about that one..

My biggest complaint is they are not very close to me (I live in the heights) and they are only open late on Thursdays so if I want to brew over a weekend I only have one option to pick up supplies.

Also, be careful when you pick out your yeast. They are frequently close to the expiration date. I bought a Wyeast pack once that was days away from expiring. I brewed the following weekend and, despite making a 1.5L starter, had no action. Had to buy another package. When I mentioned it and asked for a refund or discount on the second they said they only offer discounts after it has expired (???)
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Tyler B.
This place is great and the guys that work there are very helpful. They'll explain anything to you to help you get started making wine or beer. I believe a lot of them are home brewers themselves so they are knowledgeable. They make you feel very comfortable as a novice vintner or brewer.

There are also classes they provide that can supplement your endeavors. There are also clubs that, I believe, meet there for anyone to join.

Definitely worth stopping in to talk to them if you are thinking about making homemade beer or wine!
Date of Posting: 31 May 2014
Posted By: Jason B.
We walk in and a chipper employee greets us and "reminds" us to sample some craft brew...


We thought we were hearing things, lo-and-behold, fresh, tasty and cold, samples, help yourself :)

Shawn was thorough and incredibly knowledgeable, big hats off!

We learned a ton in the hour there.

The store is PACKED with everything you'd need, seriously.

Read the previous comment referring to yeast, I have 0, (read: ZERO) complaints there, go see for yourself. Their selection is awesome.

The grain room is pure and simple a godsend for the AG brewer.

F&#k me, VACUUM SEALED HOPS! Not just pellets!?! Bring it home baby.. also have wet hops in season.

Spoke to Shawn again a bit and ended our visit with Jim, overall 100%

Theres even a map with all the craft breweries in town, COME ON!

These guys are slayin' it.

Be back, soon.

Date of Posting: 03 December 2013
Posted By: Richard F.

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