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We walk in and a chipper employee greets us and "reminds" us to sample some craft brew... ? We thought we were hearing things, lo-and-behold, fresh, tasty and cold, samples, help yourself :) Shawn was thorough and incredibly knowledgeable, big hats off! We learned a ton in the hour there. The store is PACKED with everything you'd need, seriously. Read the previous comment referring to yeast, I have 0, (read: ZERO) complaints there, go see for yourself. Their selection is awesome. The grain room is pure and simple a godsend for the AG brewer. F&#k me, VACUUM SEALED HOPS! Not just pellets!?! Bring it home baby.. also have wet hops in season. Spoke to Shawn again a bit and ended our visit with Jim, overall 100% Theres even a map with all the craft breweries in town, COME ON! These guys are slayin' it. Be back, soon. R

Richard F.
Dec 03, 2013


(in the shopping center next door to La Michoacana - O'Reilly Auto Parts at the other end)
 9223 Stella Link
Houston TX 77025
 Phone (713)-668-9440  Phone (800)-216-2739 


Monday - Wednesday 10 - 6
Thursday & Friday 10 - 7
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 12 - 4