Winexpert LE17 collection is a showcase of popular varietals and unique blends. This vintage collection offers something to appeal to every wine lover. Fruit driven, spicy, floral or herbaceous; whatever your preference, these wines will awaken your palate. 

Australian Riverland Petit Ruby Cabernet (January 2018) SOLD OUT!
A blend of Petit Verdot & Ruby Cabernet, taking the best qualities out of its parents. Cabernet & Carignan creates a structured robust wine with soft tannins while the Petit Verdot brings intriguing flavors of dark berries & vanilla

South African Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc (January 2018)
A fruit-driven white wine with a high, but pleasant natural acidity.  Tropical fruit aromas marry with baked apple citrus zest and juicy peach.  A touch of oak produces buttery overtones for complexity.

Hawke's Bay New Zealand Merlot (February 2018)
Ripe fruit with spice and soft tannins take precedence in this Merlot. The lingering finish brings dark oaky spice, as well as hints of mocha and licorice

Spanish Milagro Blanco (March 2018)
Muscat, Verdejo, & Sauvignon Blanc are wonderful on their own but really sing when blended together.  Muscat is fruity & crisp. Verdejo has mineral and citrus notes, and Sauvignon Blanc is herbaceous with pleasing acidity.  When married, their unique elements create an off-dry, soft, refreshing, fruit-forward wine with a bright bouquet & a complex finish.

Italian Negroamaro (April 2018)
Originating from Apulia, Negroamaro exhibits mild hints of wood & spice on the nose in addition to fruity, complex aromatics.  On the palate, ripe berry is complemented by ground baking spice and silky tannins with a long finish.

Team - Kehn Bacon

Kehn Bacon Mail Order Manager Kehn spent 30 years teaching high school history before finally hanging up his lecture notes. He began homebrewing in 1993 and joined the Foam Rangers Homebrew Club shortly thereafter. He entered the ranks of the DeFalkoids in 2009. Now he reigns over the vast Mail Order Kingdom. Ask him to show you his Foam Ranger tattoo!


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