The Dog Days of August are upon us!  Yep, it's hot, but the end of summer is in sight (OK, just barely!).  Of course, we have a Dog Day Recipe Kit on special this month (and every month!).  This month it is our Airedale Abbey Ale, if you're interested in a small-batch Belgian Ale.  As always, we have three Basic Brew Recipes on offer, two new recipes (Who Farted Michigan IPA & Texas Grapefruit IPA), plus an old standby, American Amber Ale.  Here you go:

Who Farted Michigan IPA (Tastes a lot better than the name might imply!)
Texas Grapefruit IPA (A citrus bomb!)
American Amber Ale (Familiar & as comfortable as those old sneakers!)

We are also offering a $2 discount on a featured Dog Day Recipe Kit (our Eight Liter/Two Gallon Mr. Beer Size Kit).
Airedale Abbey Ale (Smooth & malty!  Packs a punch!)


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