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Wine Ingredient Kits


Our wine ingredients are packages that include everything you need (other than equipment) to produce 6 U.S. gallons of high quality wine. You only need to add water, a little work, and patience.  The kits include a mixture of juice and concentrate, yeast, clarifiers, oak powder where applicable, stabilizers, and plus all the additives that you will need to get the job done. Below is a list of the product lines that we are currently offering:

1) Vintner's Reserve - These kits include 10 liters of juice and concentrate to yield 6 gallons (23 liters - or about thirty 750 ml bottles) of medium-bodied wines with about 10 - 11% alcohol.  These are our least expensive "regular" wine kits and are the fastest to mature.

2) World Vineyard - These are a part of the Vintner's Reserve line, and also feature 10 liters of juice and concentrate to yield 6 gallons (23 liters) of medium-bodied wines with about 10 - 11% alcohol.  They are only marginally more expensive than the regular Vintner's Reserve line and feature ingredients from specific regions of the world (e.g. France, Chile, Australia, Italy, Spain, California, & Washington).  

3) Selection Wine Kits - The original high end wine kits features 15 - 18 liters of  juice and concentrate to yield 6 gallons (23 liters - or about thirty 750 ml bottles) of full-bodied wines with about 12 - 13% alcohol.  These wines are noticeably richer tasting and fuller-bodied than the 10 liter kits.  Because of the extra kick, be prepared to wait longer for the flavor on these to come around and hit their peak.  You should also expect to pay more for these kits - and they're worth it!  This section includes Selection International Series with ingredients sourced from all of the fine wine producing regions in the world.  Also included is the Selection Estate Series, with wines from specific areas (e.g. Sonoma, Lodi Ranch, etc.).  These kits are at least 16 liters in size, with the Crushendo line sporting a whopping 18 liters and a pack of grape skins to give the wine that "fermented on the skins" flavor.

4) Selection Speciale - These are 7 1/2 - 12 liter kits to produce 3 gallons of specialty wine, such as Port, Sherry, Ice Wine, and Sparkling Wine ("champagne").  Good stuff!

5) Island Mist - These are 7 1/2 liter kits to produce 6 gallons of fruit flavored "wine beverages" at 6 - 7% alcohol.  Perfect for summer entertaining!  These are not too sweet (although you can sweeten them further if you want. . .).  These are relatively inexpensive and are ready to drink as soon as they clarify.  From fermenter to glass in 1 - 2 months!

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