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Special Style Recipes

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Wheat Beer (Hefeweizen) Pale gold, slightly bready. Low hop bite & flavor yields an effervescent, thirst quenching beer. Over-tones of bananas & cloves with wheat yeast. Product Details
Belgian Imperial Golden IPA Deep golden hue, with a noticeable hop bite. Strong & devilish! Product Details
Basic Brew Gluten-Free Ingredient Kit This Ale is the perfect choice for those looking for a Gluten free beer. The wort is crafted from White Sorghum & Belgian candi syrup (Select from: clear, golden, amber, dark or extra dark). Lightly bitter with undertones of floral & citrus from the hops Product Details
West Coast/Belgian IPA Medium amber hue, Strong with a noticeable hop bite. Finishes dry, but still exhibits that Belgian funk! Product Details
Trudging Across the Tundra White IPA Deep gold to light amber hue, with a pronounced, but not overpowering hop bite. Hoppy but spicy, and still exhibits that Belgian funk! Product Details
St. Celibate Quadruple Abbey Ale Deep amber to light brown hue. Very strong & malty! Cold showers all around! Product Details
Lemon Ginger Wheat Beer Gold color with a slight haze. Good balance of spice & beer and a real summertime thirst quencher! Product Details
Session Farmhouse Ale A sessionable farmhouse ale with spicy rye notes and a unique malted oat mouthfeel. Product Details
Dunkelweizen (Dark Wheat) Medium dark, slightly sweet with bready overtones. The special wheat yeast will produce hints of cloves and bananas. Product Details
Weizen Bock A dark, strong wheat beer with a a fruity clove-like finish. Product Details
Honey Wheat Deep golden hue, a bit hazy, mild bite, fragrant finish. Product Details
V.Z.'s Easy Honey Amber Ale Deep amber hue, smooth malt-honey finish. Deceptively potent! Product Details
Smooth Honey Brown Ale Brown hue with a smooth malt/honey finish. Medium strong. Product Details
Braggot (Honey Beer) Light amber hue, smooth malt/honey finish! Light-bodied, but deceptively strong! Product Details
Catcher in the Rye Pale Ale A somewhat spicy pale ale with a modest bite & fragrant finish. Product Details
Trappist Single Ale Malty with fruity overtones, but not as dark, strong or as filling as the Dubbel. The monks keep this one to themselves! Product Details
Trappist Style (Dubbel) Medium dark, strong, & malty sweet with fruity overtones. Product Details
Trappist Style Tripel Ale Deep gold hue, strong, slightly sweet, with some bite. Product Details
Belgian Wit (White) Beer Cloudy, pale yellow, effervescent, citrus-herbal overtones. Product Details
Beeriac's A Man For All Saisons A deceptively strong, fruity/spicy ale, earthy overtones. Slightly cloudy. Long dry finish. Product Details

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