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Lager Recipes

All lager recipes have suggestions for both ale yeast for room temperature fermentation and lager yeast for cool fermentation (50° - 60° F).  Please select accordingly.

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Similar To The Lager Light amber hue, with a crisp, but not aggressive hop bite. Nice malt/hops balance. Product Details
Young Pennsy Lager Pennsylvania's favorite son! Light amber hue, with a modest bite. A medium-bodied thirst quencher. Product Details
Sgt. Schultz German Pilsner A light golden-hued lager, with a crisp hop bite. Paler in color & finishes drier than the Czech Pils. Use ale yeast for room temperature fermentation, lager yeast for cool fermentation. Product Details
American Pilsner (Light Lager) Light in body & color, but more flavorful than Commerswill! Product Details
Lonely Star Lager Similar to our American Pilsner, but with a little more pizzazz! Any other beer would be treason! Product Details
Malt Liquor Very pale & light bodied for a beer with this kind of kick! Modestly hopped. Best packaged in large bottles! Product Details
Texas Bock A Texas favorite! Medium amber-dark hue, mild in flavor. A dark version of American Pilsner. Product Details
Son of Sam New England Lager Hard to pin down a bit deep in hue for a pilsner, & not dark or malty-rich enough for an Octoberfest. Product Details
Steam Beer A classic American beer style. A creamy, amber-hued beer with pronounced hop character Product Details
Grandad's Pre-Prohibition Lager The way that American lager used to taste before the "Great Experiment," medium-full bodied, with some hop bite & flavor. Product Details
Mexican Cerveza Clara (Light Mexican Lager) Very pale & light bodied. Great with Tex-Mex! Some prefer this with lime! Product Details
Amber Mexican Cerveza (XX) Amber-hued, with more body & flavor than the Cerveza Clara. Product Details
Dark Cerveza Obscura - (Dark Mexican Lager) More brown than amber in color with more body, flavor, & a bit more kick than the Amber Cerveza. Product Details
Czech Pilsner A deep golden-hued lager, with a nice malty-sweet/spicy-bitter hop balance. Use ale yeast for room temperature fermentation. Product Details
Dortmunder Export Lager A deep golden-hued lager with malty flavor & surprising kick. Product Details
Munich Helles (Pale Malty Lager) Golden hue, effervescent, malty sweet, low hop bite & flavor. Product Details
Kiss My Heinie Dutch Lager Paler, drier & less hoppy/bitter than the Czech Pilsner. Product Details
Octoberfest Smooth amber lager with malty flavor & surprising kick. Product Details
Vienna Amber Lager An amber lager, similar to Oktoberfest, yet drier withless malty-sweet finish. Product Details
Munich Dunkel (Dark Lager) A smooth, dark, malty brew with toasty caramel overtones. Product Details

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