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Hydrometers, Thermometers, & Other Measuring Instruments

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Triple Scale Wine & Beer Hydrometer & Test Stand A package that includes a standard triple scale hydrometer (.990-1.170) & plastic test stand specifically made for hydrometers. You will no longer have to use the flimsy plastic tube the hydrometer is shipped in to check your specific gravity. Product Details
Escali Primo Digital Scale (Chrome) Nice digital scale. Measures up to 11 lbs. Product Details
DeFalco's Hydrometer Our own high precision design! - 11" long (S.G. - .990-1.130) Product Details
Escali Pico Digital Scale (Silver) Cute little scale! But don't be fooled by it's size. It features a 11 Lb/5Kg capacity. Product Details
Triple Scale Wine & Beer Hydrometer (9") Triple scale (Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol by Volume, & Brix/Balling) in clear plastic tube with instructions. Product Details
DeFalco's Precision Beer & Cider Hydrometer Precision model! For measuring original S.G. of medium strength beer & ciders - 11" long (S.G. - 1.000-1.073) Product Details
DeFalco's Finishing Hydrometer Precision model! For measuring final S.G. of fermented beverages - 11" long (S.G. - .980-1.020) Product Details
Spirit Hydrometer (0 - 200 Proof) For measuring proof of distilled spirits. Does not work on wine or beer. LIMIT: ONE PER CUSTOMER PER ORDER UNTIL SUPPLY CATCHES UP WITH DEMAND. Product Details
(12'') Plastic Hydrometer Test Stand A versatile plastic test stand. Tall enough to hold all of the hydrometers we stock. Comes with threaded removable base for ease of cleaning. Product Details
The Thief Great for taking samples of must & wort. Holds hydrometer for quick S.G. readings! Makes it easy to return sample to carboy. Product Details
Brix Sugar Refractometer To immediately determine sugar content in grapes, must, & wort. Measures 0 - 30° brix. Product Details
Vinometer For measuring alcohol content of finished wine. Best used with well-clarified, dry wines. Product Details
Liquid Crystal Thermometer Thermometer with adhesive backing - temperature range from lagers to ales. Product Details
Laboratory Immersion Thermometer Long-stemmed traditional thermometer (0 - 220°F). Product Details

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