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Mead & Cider Additives

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Local Honey per lb. Light colored honey from the Texas Gulf Coast area. Sold by the pound. Product Details
Sodium Metabisulphite 8 oz. A favorite sanitizer for wine makers. Preferred for usage on equipment - economical! - (8 oz.) Product Details
Citric Acid 4 oz. Predominant acid found in citrus fruits (e.g. lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit) - (4 oz.) Product Details
Ascorbic Acid - 1oz. Used for an anti-oxidant in the bottling of wine and beer. Product Details
Gelatin Finings - 1 oz. Tried and true clarifier for wine and beer. Product Details
Super Ferment (Nutrient/Energizer) 2 oz. A combination of yeast nutrients & yeast energizer Product Details
Sparkolloid 1 oz. Hot Process Clarifier. One of the best all-around clarifiers for wine. (1 oz.) Product Details
Super Kleer 1.3 oz Super Kleer, liquid. A two part fining agent containing Chitosan and Kieselsol. It is available in 150ml packets which is enough material for up to 6 gallons of wine, beer, cider or mead. Product Details
Tartaric Acid 4 oz. Predominant acid found in grapes - (4 oz.) Product Details
Grape Tannin 1 oz. Substance found in grape skins, pits, and skins. Adds zest and character to wines and aids in clarification. Product Details
Gelatin Finings - 4 oz. Tried and true clarifier for wine and beer. Product Details
Liquid Isinglass Finings 2 oz. Liquid isinglass clarifier for wine, beer, mead, cider etc. Quick! - 2 oz. Product Details

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