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Wyeast Liquid Brewing Yeast

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Wyeast #1469XL West Yorkshire Ale This strain produces ales with a full chewy malt flavor and character, but finishes dry, producing famously balanced beers. Product Details
WYeast #1450XL Denny's Fav 50 This terrific all-round yeast can be used for almost any beer style. It is unique in that it produces a big mouthfeel and accentuates the malt, caramel, or fruit character of a beer without being sweet or under-attenuated. Product Details
Wyeast #1007XL German Ale Yeast Ferments dry & crisp, leaving a complex, but mild flavor. Produces an extremely rocky head & ferments well down to 55 degrees F. Product Details
Wyeast #1028XL London Ale Yeast Rich with a dry finish, minerally profile, body & crisp, with some fruitiness. Product Details
Wyeast #1056XL American Ale Yeast Ferments dry & clean, finishing soft & smooth. Neutral strain, lending little of its own character in the finished product. Extremely versatile. Product Details
Wyeast #1084XL Irish Ale Yeast Leaves some malty sweetness & fruitiness. Not surprisingly, this strain is great for stouts & porters. Finishes clean, smooth, & full-bodied. Product Details
Wyeast #1098XL British Ale Yeast Ferments dry & crisp, slightly tart & fruity. A well-balanced strain from Whitbread. Product Details
Wyeast #1099XL Whitbread Ale Yeast A mildly malty and slightly fruity fermentation profile; not as tart and dry as 1098 and much more flocculent. Product Details
Wyeast #1187XL Ringwood Ale Yeast Notorious yeast of European origin with unique fermentation and flavor characteristics. Distinct fruit ester and high flocculation provide a malty complex profile, which clears very rapidly & completely. Product Details
Wyeast #1214XL Belgian Ale Yeast Abbey-style top-fermenting yeast, suitable for high-gravity beers. Fruity & estery! Think Chimay! Product Details
Wyeast #1272XL American Ale Yeast II Fruitier & settles more rapidly than #1056, slightly nutty, soft, clean, slightly tart finish. Product Details
Wyeast #1275XL Thames Valley Ale Yeast Produces classic British bitters, rich complex flavor profile, clean, light malt character, low fruitiness, low esters well-balanced. Product Details
Wyeast #1318XL London Ale Yeast III Great malt & hop profile! True top-cropping strain, fruity, very light, soft balanced palate, finishes slightly sweet. Product Details
Wyeast #1332XL Northwest Ale One of the classic ale strains from a Northwest U.S. Brewery. Produces malty and mildly fruity ale with good depth and complexity. Product Details
Wyeast #1335XL British Ale Yeast II Typical British & Canadian ale strain. Good settling characteristics with malty flavor, finishing crisp and relatively dry. Product Details
Wyeast #1388XL Belgian Strong Ale Yeast Robust flavor, with moderate to high alcohol tolerance. Fruity nose & palate with dry, tart finish. Product Details
Wyeast #1728XL Scottish Ale Yeast Great for Scottish-style ales and other British strong ales. Product Details
Wyeast #1762XL Belgian Abbey Yeast II High gravity yeast with distinct warming character if fermented in strong Trappist-style ales. Slightly fruity with dry finish. Product Details
Wyeast #1968XL London ESB Ale Yeast Fast settling strain with rich, malty character and balanced fruitiness. Some diacetyl production. Ideal for cask-conditioned British ales! Product Details
Wyeast #2001XL Urquell Mild fruit/floral aroma. Very dry and clean on palate with full mouth feel and nice subtle malt character. Very clean and neutral finish. Product Details

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