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Mangrove Jack's Belgian Tripel Yeast M31 10 gram

Provides a fantastic, complex marriage of spice, fruity ...

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Mangrove Jack's Californian Lager Yeast M54 10 gram

A unique lager strain that has the ability to ferment at ...

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Mangrove Jack's Belgian Wit Yeast M21 10 gram

A traditional top-fermenting yeast that has a good balance ...

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Gift Card

The easiest gift to give a home beermaker or winemaker is a ...

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#8 x 1 3/4" agglomerated cork (each)

All purpose wine cork. Each

Base price: $0.15

#9 x 1 1/2" Nomacorc synthetic corks (each)

A superior seal to "natural corks." Synthetic corks will ...

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Customer Reviews

Defalco's is a great place to start if your interested in learning how to home brew. They have everything you need to get started making your own beer or wine, even root beer. They normally have home made root beer on tap in the store you should try. The staff there if very friendly and helpful. They will help you get set up with all the equipment you will need to brew. Also they have a great recipe book that you can choose from. Tell them what you want to brew and how much and they will get all the ingredients and the right amount for you. The first time you are there, make sure to sign up for their home brew rewards program. It is a punch card that if you spend $300 dollars, then they give you a 10% off reward for 6 months. Its really great if you brew a lot and like doing it as a hobby. They also hold classes and outdoor brews on the weekends. Check out the schedule of events in store. Overall, an awesome place to check out if you are interested in h...

Brandon R.
Feb 01, 2012

Meet Our Team

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency

Team - Scott Birdwell

Scott Birdwell Scott brewed his first batch of homebrew in January 1978. His first batch of beer was the first homebrew he had ever tasted (underwhelming, to say the least!). Nevertheless, he was hooked and within a couple of months was working at DeFalco’s part-time. A few months later, he was full-time. Within a year, Scott became manager of the store and by the end of 1980, he had taken ownership (What the hell was he thinking?! I suppose it beats finding real work. . .). Scott became the first Master Judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program in 1988 and is currently ranked as a Grand Master Judge. Note: That and a couple of bucks will buy you a cup of coffee at Denny’s. Almost forty years later, he’s still here - a lifetime sentence, you might say.

Team - Jim Trippel

Jim Trippel Office Manager A retired United States Navy captain, Jim spent 25 years in the service. He had been homebrewing since 1999, so the move into the back of the house at DeFalco’s was natural move for Jim in early 2012. He soon discovered the joys of homemade wine and is now cranking out as much wine as beer! Call him “Captain Bligh!”
David Toups General Manager David joined us in early 2009 after years of brewing at home. He fit right into the team and soon became a favorite with staff & customers alike. He demonstrated his brewing prowess by winning Best of Show at the 2015 Bluebonnet Brew-Off (over 1,300 entries!). David is so awesome, we had to make him our General Manager in 2013! He beats a pretty mean set of drums, too!
Wine & Beer Making Clubs One way to maximize your enjoyment of winemaking, mead making, cider making, and homebrewing is to share the fun with others. Join a club and join the fun!.
Calendar Of Events A comprehensive list of Seminars, Beer and Wine Tasting and Demonstrations around the area for the home beer and wine making enthusiast.
Beer and Winemaking ClassesFor over twenty-five years we have offered classes and have found them to be a great way to get started in the hobby and make many friendships.

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